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About Livmo

Livmo is an App that reads aloud, in an automated voice, the latest world news from the country of your choice.

- Free Speech use (reading articles aloud) for 10 minutes daily.
- News translated in multiple languages.
- Keyword search for both old and new articles.
- Media selection function.


- 毎日10分間無料で記事を読み上げてくれる。
- ニュースを多言語で翻訳。
- 新着から過去の記事までキーワード検索できる。
- お気に入りのメディアを選択して読める。

  • News articles read to you aloud in an automated voice.

    〜Currently available countries〜 USA, UK, Australia, Japan, China, Germany, France, Spain and India

  • Coverage of a wide range of articles from famous international news media.

    〜Sections〜 Politics, Economy, Sports, Technology, Culture, Entertainment, and more.

  • English, German, Japanese, Chinese, French and Spanish multi-language translation function.

    Display articles from all around the world in your native language.

  • Use the search function to find articles that match your keywords instantly.

    Select topics of interest only.

  • Use the register favorite keyword function to view all articles from the oldest to the latest.

    Search by both registered keywords and by number of keyword search results.

  • Keywords are translated automatically to compare the same topic across different countries.

    ※Translate into the language of your selected country.

Highly Recommended

Free translation of articles from a variety of countries!
Switch to a paid plan and get unlimited Speech (read-aloud) time!

  • ・Choose the news you want to hear on your commuter train.

  • ・ View foreign articles in your native language.

  • ・ Listen to the most up-to-date information while driving.

  • ・ Compare the same news across countries.

  • ・ Study languages through the latest news.

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